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Our expertise

Trade-marks are often the most valuable asset of an enterprise. Registration is the best protection.


Our team can assist you in all steps of the trade-mark registration process and advise you for an optimal protection of your trade-marks. Our Canadian Registered trade-mark agents have more than 15 years experience in trade-mark matters.


Main services


Availability searches

We offer a wide variety of trade-mark searches customized to your needs. To perform an availability search before adopting your trade-mark can avoid you losing time, money, human resources and advertisement on a trade-mark that is not registrable.

Trade-mark registration

Preparing and following through on a trade-mark application is a complex process requiring broad knowledge of trade-mark law and practice. Many enterprises choose to entrust this task to an expert: the trade-mark agent.

Trade-mark opposition and expungement proceeding

Our experienced team can represent the applicant or opponent in administrative proceedings before the Trade-mark Opposition Board.

Lecture and training

Trade-marks are an important issue. For a better understanding of trade-marks, an efficient management of the trade-mark portfolio and to learn how to strengthen their protection, ask us about available training. Our trade-mark conferences and trainings are suitable for legal professionals and businesses.