Congratulations! Your trade-mark is now registered. The registration is valid for 15 years and is indefinitely renewable. But, in order to keep your trade-mark secure, it is necessary to know how to protect your rights. A fully registered trade-mark confers exclusive rights across Canada, provided the following conditions are met:


    • The mark used must be the same as the mark registered (for exemple, trade-marks registered with graphic elements may be less secure because the designs tend to change over time - it is prudent to register your new versions, but when possible, it is better to register the words only);

    • The mark must be used in connection with the goods and services described in the certificate of registration;

    • If the trade-mark is granted under license, then the licensee shall directly or indirectly control the character or quality of goods and services;

    • If the mark is transferred , then it is prudent for the name of the new owner to be registered;


    We recommend that you use the symbols TM / MC or  ®/ MD next to your trade-mark. You can also put the * symbol with an explanatory note referring to who owns the trade-mark. Although MC / TM or ® / MD are not mandatory , they are recognized by many consumers and competitors. Symbols TM / MC are often used when the mark is not registered and are recognized abbreviations for " Trade-Mark " and " marque de commerce ". MD / ® symbols are used when the mark is registered and are recognized abbreviations for "marque déposée" and " Registered trade- mark".


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Congratulations! Your trademark is now registered. The trade-mark registration confers exclusive rights across Canada provided certain conditions are met.

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