An important part of our clientele is comprised of legal professionals working in business law or corporate law. This is because only trade-mark agents are authorized to file trade-mark applications for third-parties, and at Guy & Muzzo we only work in the field of trade-marks. Therefore, you can rely on our expertise to expand your service offerings and support your clients.


    The registration of a trade-mark in Canada can yield many benefits. Most notably, it grants exclusive rights to use the mark across the country. Unlike the registration of a corporate name, the registration of a trade-mark is prima facie evidence of ownership, and may be used to defend against infringement. Many businesses choose to protect their trade-marks in order to avoid legal pitfalls, such as receiving a cease and desist letter on opening day, or being forced to withdraw products from the market due to confusion with another mark.

    At Guy & Muzzo, we offer various services such as availability searches, and trade-mark applications in different countries. We also offer the service of trade-mark watching, so that you can be aware of any third-party attempts to register a trade-mark that is confusingly similar to your client’s previously registered mark.


    Most of our services have fixed rates, so you don’t have to expect surprises. Contact us for a quotation.


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