Trade-marks are valuable assets and may be sold, pledged, or transferred to legacy. When used under license, trade-marks can also provide loyalties. The value of a trade-mark increases once it becomes registered, because this is the most reliable protection against counterfeiters and third-parties claiming prior rights. According to Section 17 of the Trade-marks Act, a trade-mark registration is normally incontestable against any third party claiming prior rights once the mark has been registered for a period of five years.

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Why should I do an availibility search?

Three reasons for doing an availability search prior to filing and using a trade-mark.

Trade-mark registration process in Canada

Understanding the trade-mark process in Canada.

Securing your trade-mark

Congratulations! Your trademark is now registered. The trade-mark registration confers exclusive rights across Canada provided certain conditions are met.

For lawyers and notaries

How we can help your clients secure their trade-mark rights.