Trade-mark law is national, so a trade-mark must be registered in each country wherein protection is sought. One exception to this rule is the European Union, which allows for a single trade-mark application to cover all 28 EU-members. Again, it’s always recommended to perform an availability search before filing a trade-mark application.


    However, if you file a trade-mark application in Canada, you can later claim conventional priority rights for other countries. Once your application has been filed in Canada, you’ll have a period of six months to secure that same filing date for your applications in other countries.

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Why should I do an availibility search?

Three reasons for doing an availability search prior to filing and using a trade-mark.

Trade-mark registration process in Canada

Understanding the trade-mark process in Canada.

Securing your trade-mark

Congratulations! Your trademark is now registered. The trade-mark registration confers exclusive rights across Canada provided certain conditions are met.

For lawyers and notaries

How we can help your clients secure their trade-mark rights.