Why should I do an availibility search?

Three reasons for doing an availability search prior to filing and using a trade-mark.

Trade-mark registration process in Canada

Understanding the trade-mark process in Canada.

Securing your trade-mark

Congratulations! Your trademark is now registered. The trade-mark registration confers exclusive rights across Canada provided certain conditions are met.

For lawyers and notaries

How we can help your clients secure their trade-mark rights.

Does a Canadian trade-mark registration provide rights in other countries?

 No. The trade-mark law is national. Generally, we must register the mark in each country where we need protection.

If a trade-mark is listed in the Quebec Enterprise Register, is that enough to guarantee protection of ownership?

No entitlement to a name is acquired by a registrant by the sole fact of the entry of the name in the Quebec Enterprises register.

Can I use ®, TM, TM or MC symbols next to my trade-mark?

In Canada, there is no legal obligation to use the ® , TM, MC or MD symbols.

If I’m selling my company, can I also sell my trade-mark?

Trade-marks are valuable assets and can be sold, pledged or transferred to legacy. They can also provide royalties when they are used under licenses.